Bye Bye Summer

Good bye Summer

If you live in London, you will know the weather has just been perfect the past few weeks.


I no longer feel intense heat, humidity and pressure in the air, as the season is starting to transition into Autumn. Leaves are falling but it’s not quite that cold just yet. It has been sunny and fresh, the perfect weather for strolls in the park.

You may or may not know, but I recently completed my Ayurveda Consultant Course (still to do my course work and exam! Yikes!) with Dr. Deepa Apte at Ayurveda Pura, and the experience and knowledge has given me insights to so many things into how to live my life.

With the change in season we are experiencing, I wanted to take the opportunity (baby steps) to introduce you to Ayurveda. I have set up a page that defines Ayurveda here, so I encourage you to read this if you’re interested.

To me, summer (the season I thought I loved the most) has been a struggle the past few years.

Last year, I suffered severe stomach pains – the triggers could have been anything from oily and/or spicy food, caffeine, or simply stress. It started off as an occasional pain, but it got so bad that I experienced episodes of hours of burning pain 3 – 4 times a week. This happened around the time when I was working part time to dedicate my non-working days to teach yoga, but due to my stomach issues, I spent a lot of my days off just resting in bed. I think the main cause of this was me attempting to go on Atkins, but that type of diet was just not suitable for my stomach.

This year, (and it’s still not completely healed) I had issues with my skin. My skin suddenly got very itchy around my eyes, which left it dry, irritated and sensitive. This wasn’t eczema or an allergic reaction, because if it was I would have had the symptoms all over my body (or so I’m told). By the time it healed it would flare up again. This came and went 4 times in the space of two months. Again, it could have been my diet, stress, hay fever, products I have been using (even though no new products were added during the time). Cause unknown…

For both I had medical treatments. For the stomach I took some medications to build my stomach lining and added to it some probiotics treatment called Symprove (WOULD RECOMMEND if you are having any indigestion or gut issues!) which I think helped massively. For my eyes, I got an anti-biotics cream to apply.

Now the issue here is, both treatments treat the symptoms and not necessarily the underlying cause.

According to Ayurveda, both symptoms (acidity and burning sensation in the stomach and rashes on the skin) are Pitta related symptoms. Pitta is one of the three ayurvedic constitutions Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Pitta is made of Fire and Water (90% Fire) and for quite some time now I had a Pitta imbalance in the body (i.e. excess). This is visible not only through the above symptoms but other physical and behavioral patterns as well (e.g. I tend to have oily sensitive skin and I get hangry and have a strong appetite) and with the heat of the summer it just triggered certain symptoms and illnesses. This explains why I am always weak and lethargic in summer (especially in the London where it can get so humid, add to that the pollution of the city). I wouldn’t call myself the healthiest person, but in the grand scheme of things I am not Unhealthy. However, I am always on the go, I live in the city, I am such a fiery type, which at times is good but too much of it is not necessarily healthy.

So in summer, I need to be extra careful around my diet and daily rituals. Like fuels Like. Fire + Fire = More Fire! So for me, a typical person with a excess Fire, this includes things like HOT yoga. Yes, Hot yoga is healthy but I need to find a healthy routine that works for me. Even a yoga practice, is not a one size fits all practice. I need to keep my body and mind cool inside and out. I need to take things a little easy. Now as we transition seasons, my body is feeling a little more energetic, my skin is starting to calm down, and I am feeling like my self again. Obviously, I am a little biased, but there certainly is something to this Ayurveda!

Ahead of next summer I’ll make sure to post about how to manage excess Pitta ahead of the summer season, a pre summer cleanse, especially if you are Pitta Dosha, which in modern society a lot of us have this imbalance.

As for now, with the transition to autumn, the Dosha will (or is already) switching to Vata Dosha (Elements of Space and Air). This is when things are dry, cool, mobile, clear and empty. So people with tendency for Vata imbalances (dry skin, constipation, too much thought) should be especially careful and try and find more grounding and nourishment via the food they eat (more soups and healthy oils) and their daily routine. I will write a separate post on the new season.

On  a side note, I will eventually launch my Ayurveda Consultation Services soon, but for now hopefully these experiences and tips is useful information.

Feel free to drop me an email with any questions you may have and as always let me know what topics you will find interesting for me to cover.

Love and light,