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Lauryn Everts from the Skinny Confidential asks every guest of hers to share their morning routine with her listeners. And while the topics she covers with her guests are fascinating, I love the bit she asks her guests about their morning routines and how she incorporates it into hers.

So I thought I’d share mine, and I am curious to hear about yours too!

My routine is pretty standard, and isn’t necessarily the IDEAL PERFECT ROUTINE, but it is certainly something that sets me off for the day and works for me. This is also inspired and influenced by my recent Ayurvedic Consultant Training (Let me know if you’d like a post on this one!)


Around 6.00 AM, with or without an alarm, Kogi (my 15 month old cavapoo) jumps up at the bed to let me know walky time is soon. (Look at this face!)


As soon as I wake up, I go to the loo to:

1.      Pee

2.      Scrape my tongue.

In Ayurveda, one of the ways you can detect what imbalances are happening in your body is through examining your tongue. Overnight, your body gets rid of toxins (hence we sweat at night) and one of the means the body does this is through the white coating that builds up on your tongue. i.e. Morning Breath. GROSS.

One of the best things to do in the AM in hydrate. But can you imagine downing all the bacteria (i.e. the white coating) on your tongue right back to your gut when you have a drink? DOUBLE GROSS. So first thing, I scrape my tongue with my copper tongue scraper, and I use mouth wash (even if I haven’t brushed my teeth yet).


Last year, I had severe issues with my stomach in the summer. I self-diagnosed it as GERD. I did take some medication to help with the gut lining and the symptoms which helped a lot but it was not completely gone. That’s when I did the Symprove 12 week program, and I felt like it healed me inside out.

I continued taking it even after the 12 week program, but it does get pretty pricey so I take it every other day now. On the days that I do, I take a shot right after my tongue scraping and before I walk the dog. You’re not supposed to eat anything for 10 minutes after this shot so this is when I take the dog to do his business.


Almost everywhere I read, they always say you should exercise first thing in the AM.

It’s either doing yoga is the AM and bring movement to your body or you should exercise enough to break a sweat and get your heart rate up and running. (I keep considering to do morning runs with Kogi… but NAH). I like to ease into my mornings otherwise I find that it stresses me out for the day.

What I do however is MOVE. Sure it’s forced by Kogi’s puppy eyes and bowel movement… leading to dog poo picking. But early in the morning is when the air is fresh and peaceful. The roads are always quiet and around 6.15 I take Kogi out for a 10-15 minute walk. You can say this gets my heart rate going a little, but it’s a really nice way to ease into the morning as opposed to just get going and jump off the bed… or continue to hit the snooze button. I also got this from The Skinny Confidential blog post here, where she got it from Aubrey Marcus’ book. His three must do’s in the morning are: LIGHT, MOVEMENT, HYDRATION.

LIGHT – opening the curtains and letting natural sunlight in

MOVEMENT – self explanatory, this is what I’m talking about here

HYDRATION – covered in the next topic…


A lot of people say they don’t feel hungry in the morning. I don’t get those people. I would have a full steak for breakfast if I could. I dream food. Up until the time I had Kogi, I’d wake up and eat before I pee, drink, or do anything! It’s straight to the fridge. That’s why intermittent fasting is not my favorite thing to do. I absolutely adore breakfast, it’s my favorite meal, but I do also believe we are not necessarily meant to be eating 3 times a day and be snacking 50 times in between. But do not take breakfast away from me. My breakie has to be big!

So this part is not necessarily healthy or a habit I would recommend to anyone. Just sharing:


1.      HYDRATION: I am not good at hydrating in the morning. Having a full cup of water on an empty stomach or even worse lemon water… But I know it’s good for you, so this is a habit I am still working on, some days are better than others, but it requires a lot of conscious effort. On the good days, I have a cup of warm water or herbal lemon ginger tea 10-15 minutes before I have anything else. According to Ayurveda, you’re suppose to leave 30 minutes, but I need to be out the door by 7.20, so Unfortunately, time is not on my side. I’m not a big fan of the lemon water craze, I know it is healthy but it is important to understand that “healthy” is not a one size fits all. E.g. When my health / dosha is out of balance, I tend to have an acidic (excess Pitta dosha) stomach symptoms and lemon will only aggravate that (Yes I know lemon alkalizes as you digest it, but it is still a bit strong for me on an empty tummy).

2.      BREAKFAST: I am not very light when it comes to breakfast. A great way to start the day is with fruits or a fruit smoothie. It’s nutritious and light. That works for me on a weekend, however, in about 90 minutes I will be staving and will eat about anything I find in front of me in the office and I end up over-eating. That’s why I like to either have 2 boiled eggs, or 1 egg + smoked salmon on toast. This keeps me fuller until about lunch time, but fruits ae obviously a lot of more nutritious for your body.

3.      MORNING BOOST: Breakfast is followed by my ritual Matcha Latte, something I cannot live without. I like to have mine with Rude Health’s Hazelnut Milk frothed using a Nespresso frother. Is this healthy you ask? Yes and No. Matcha is considered a “super food” as it contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which has anti-cancer properties among other benefits. Like coffee, matcha can also block micronutrients being absorbed in your body, and can lead to iron deficiency. Not to mention thein or caffeine are dehydrating (so counters your hydration efforts). But hey! I love it, the taste, and it gives me a nice boost in the morning but doesn’t have a strong effect on me the way coffee does.

The rest of my morning is the obvious, wash my face, get dressed, skin care, make up, brush my teeth and I’m out the door. (I’m a shower before bed kinda girl, don’t like showers in the morning).

That was my morning ritual, hope you enjoyed this post.

Share with me you morning routine or what other topics you’d like a post on!


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