If you are anything like me, and I believe most people are, your brain is constantly on the go.

I am constantly having so many ideas and sometimes breakthroughs, yet by the end of the day when I think about how many of them I accomplished, it would be really difficult for me to pinpoint it out.


Your important to do list.

Your not so important thoughts.

Your breakthrough ideas.

Your dreams from last night.

Your shopping list.

Our brains likes it when things are clean and written down. Writing things down makes you more aware when it’s there in black and white!

We recently went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for a fish recipe. On the list one ingredient was missing, because duuuhhhh, its obvious that we need it, right? We wrote down the ingredients for the sauce, the garnish, everything you can think of! When we unpacked the groceries once we were home, guess what was missing? The fish ... it wasn’t on the list. (of course, sometimes we forget the list itself.. like my mum does!)


If you are already part of the list writing and journaling club, let’s take it a step further. You may already be writing a gratitude list daily, but what about your achievements? It is just as important to recognise a work well done. This can be items from your list or outside of your list. (Is it just me, or does it feel so good if the items were on your list and you get to cross it off?? I love that feeling!)

If you can’t do this daily, then do it weekly, or even monthly.

It’s just as important to take a moment to reflect and acknowledge the efforts you put in, and how it makes you feel.

Also it’s a great excuse to buy more stationary. I’ve been using Moleskine’s awesome Smart Writing Set so I have all my notes in one place, and in an app!

Happy writing!