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Ami Shichida, MSc, CIPD

Owner and founder

Who am I?

I always strived to be an overachiever. Being born to a Japanese mother and a Palestinian father, and moving to many countries at a young age, although meant that I was exposed to many experiences, also left me confused in terms of self-identity and culture.

After a few degrees, and many good corporate experiences and opportunities, it always seemed like it was never enough and I was on to the next big thing. Eventually this brought me to London, one of the cities where everyone is hustling… and it dawned on me that I didn’t want to do this anymore. All the rush, the hustle and the bustle… was not fueling me anymore. If anything it exhausted me.

Reaching this point brought me back to one area I always loved. Personal growth, development and mastery. Back when I was younger, it was the section in the bookshop you don’t want to be caught dead in. Luckily, now this is the best seller section. I followed my passion that I long forgot which was to help others, and I’ve luckily found multiple ways to do this:


Using my HR experience in big corporate names such as BP and adidas, I pursued my coaching certification through the Neuroleadership Institue (the programme founded by the famous David Rock, author of Quiet Leadership). He is best know for the SCARF model, a model most Fortune 500 companies as part in their coaching and leadership.

Yoga / Mindfulness

I landed on the yoga mat back in 2014 - this was almost completely by accident as I was simply exploring other areas of exercising and working out. It only took one practice for me to realise the positive impact it had on me, and not just physically, but in taming all the negative talk and chatter that has been going on in my head for as long as I can remember. This practice has helped me transform and break through self imposed barriers within months, that it was in no time I realised I wanted to be able to give back to others what my teachers have given to me.

I come out of every class with more confidence, certainty, compassion, and patience.

My classes will always incorporate some micro-coaching and messages that is relevant both in yogic philosophy and applicable in the modern lives.

What are your experiences/qualifications?

Years of HR experience in international organisations such as adidas and BP.

MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis - King's College London

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (level 5)- King's College London

Result Trained Coach - Neuro-Leadership Institute

RYT 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

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